The Marketplace at Encino Park

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Project Details

The South-West Retail Development at Bulverde and Evans road was a 10-month project completed in June of 2019 with an aggressive schedule to complete a three-part building retail shell development. The multiple building structure consisted of building A, 42,577 square foot retail shell, building B which would become home to a Sprouts Farmers Market, and building C, 13,776 square foot retail shell housed on the right side of the Sprouts. Middleman Construction Company coordinated with the Sprouts construction team with the foundation, the construction of the exterior tilt walls, the construction of the loading docks, and installation of the utilities and the roofing system units. The project consisted of extensive site development and excavation including the cut in and milling of 14 feet of limestone rock. The development also featured large retaining walls, two jellyfish storm water filtration systems, and a 12-inch board water main.

22103 Bulverde Road
San Antonio, TX 78259